Spiegel Grove

Black Grouper on the Spiegel Grove Spawning
on April 24, 05 about 3pm!

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Note: I had problems with my video cameras auto focus because there was some lint on the lens.  The camera kept trying to focus on the lint (a sharp line) because the lighting at the 100 ft depth where the Grouper were at, was very low contrast.  I did not edit out these bad segment because I wanted the viewer to see exactly what the camera recorded....


In the picture below there is about 8 Black Grouper in an aggregation.  What this picture does not show is that there was another 15 or 20 grouper within my view and near this group.   This happen on April 24, 2005 about 3 pm (about two days after the full moon).

This picture in my opinion is a poor representation of all the activity that I saw.  Because of the large number of Black Grouper that I saw from amidships of the Spiegel to the stern.  There was least 40 to 50 ( 20lb +) Grouper on the back half of the Spiegel. 

I did not approach too close because I didn't want to disturb the natural activity that was occurring and because to the depth.  I stayed at about 80 ft while most of the activity was 100 ft and below.  They were staying fairly close to the bottom.  There were a lot of small groups of 3 and 4's in various place.  Also, I think an important factor for the time of this activity is the fact that April 24, was a few days after the Full Moon..  The visibility at the stern was poor.  Low visibility greenish water seemed to be moving in on an outgoing tide. 

I have logged about 25 dives on the Spiegel and have never seen the Groupers this thick...

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These photos are taken with available light.  I realize that they are low in contrast. 
These Grouper definitely try to blend into their environment, so it is difficult to
photograph with available light. 

The light color displayed on the bottom half of the trailing grouper has been documented
as a courtship display in other publications (like "Reef Fish Behavior" by Ned DeLoach).
These pics are frames for the video that I shot on 4/24/05.


Courtship Color Display???

A frame from the video...